Darcy’s team flew out of Haiti on Friday and they worked so hard during their last few days that we were able to squeeze in a “day of celebration”… which was very much deserved! We drove to Ti-Goave and took a water taxi to a remote beach… this was a first, even for Pastor Luc.

Water Taxi:

Pastor Luc praying the boat would stay afloat… especially for our Haitian friends that can’t swim… my husband included :)

The beach from a distance:

The Beach from less of a distance:

The beach from even less of a distance!:

The water was beautiful… an shallow enough to walk out as far as you’d like:

When we returned from the beach the team was surprised with a party… in the new dining room of course!

The party was enjoyed by all… it may have even upped our Christmas banquet! After all these kids have been through these past few months it was a real blessing for them to sit together and enjoy a meal… there was even enough food for all of the “extras” that are still sleeping in our yard.

I will post some final pictures of the work that the team did in the next day or so. I have been going to PauP during the days so I haven’t been able to get good pictures during the day light. Thank you Darcy and the rest of your team – you have been an incredibly blessing to the kids at H2H :)