There are many reasons why I am proud to be involved with H2H Haiti but the Scholarship Program is near the top of my list…

One of the unique aspects of H2H is that we offer our kids the opportunity to attend University, College or a Trade School of their choice.  We strongly believe that investing in their education will not only improve their lives but the lives of their family & friends also… and, in a ripple effect, all of Haiti!  We have repeatedly seen kids pass through our program, start families, and then welcome younger siblings/cousins into their homes – giving them the same opportunity of education that they received through H2H.  In essence we are trying to build a Christian middle-class that can rise up & lead their country!

One of my responsibilities with H2H is to find sponsors for the Scholarship Program.  Usually graduating students already have a sponsor and that sponsor continues with them into the Program but this year we have a student that doesn’t have one.

He has applied for the program and is anxiously waiting to hear whether he’ll be able to enroll in University later this month.

Meet Jean Benet…

Jean Benet’s home town is Bouva, a northern mountain town which is sparsely populated & very poor.  He was brought to H2H by his dad when he was very young.  His mother passed away and his dad was not able to care for him.  Jean Benet loved growing up with the other kids at H2H and quickly became a leader among them.  He is an incredibly hard worker and doesn’t wait to be asked to do a job.  He’s one of the first to show up for work days & keeps a smile on his face the entire day. In his spare time Jean Benet likes to play the drums and is a member of the church band.  He also enjoys playing soccer.

Jean Benet graduated from High School this past summer and had dreams to go into Agriculture.  However, his involvement with the Teaching Program at H2H (with Bruce & Stan) has really impacted him and he has decided to become a teacher.  The cost of the his program is $150/month and this amount could be spread over several sponsors.

If you are interested in helping to give Jean Benet a new beginning please let me know.