These after shocks are taking their toll on us. Buildings continue to fall. Yesterdays quake left Soirilia’s house close to ruins. We tried to recover some of her possessions but the walls are ready to fall at any moment so most of her stuff will be unrecoverable. Those of you who have visited H2H before know Soirilia well as she does all the cooking for teams. She is also a teacher in our H2H school and sews the uniforms for all 100 of our kids! It is very unusual for a single lady to be able to build her our house and having it destroyed has left her very discouraged. It is discouraging us all. When will it stop? We are trying to start thinking about moving forward but the shaking just won’t stop.

Another local mission (Lifeline) has received a container (that was in port before the earthquake and has now been released) and did a food distribution in our area today. Each family received 5 bags of ‘Kids Against Hunger’ rice/vegetable/soy mixture. Everyone was very grateful as it was the first distribution since the earthquakes started. I was at the mission this morning helping them get organized when a big aftershock hit us… we fell over with boxes all over us. We are all trying to hold it together & be brave but we really need the shaking to stop. We are still getting easily over 10 aftershocks a day… sometimes a lot more than that.

The military landed in Leogane a few days ago. I have tried to contact them twice but they were unwilling to talk to me. I took these pictures yesterday on our way to Port-au-Prince.

Our guys built a temporary shelter over the area of yard that we are sleeping under. It won’t do much for the rain but will keep the sun off us during the day & will help with the morning dew… believe it or not it is quite cold at night sleeping. Who would have thought we’d have that problem in Haiti. We are also sleeping on a cement slab so you can imagine the morning aches as we go into the second week.

After 2 long days in Port-au-Prince I spent most of my free time with the kids today. I cut fingernails, braided hair, played marbles, washed dishes, broke up a few fights, put on a few bandaids and pretended to have a nap with our youngest boy, Markenly… only until he fell asleep. These were precious moments for me as I now have a new appreciation for each of these children and feel very privileged to be one of the many they look up to. I think the kids also have a new appreciation for me too. A few of the older boys pulled me aside early this morning and said they had looked over our supplies and felt I could stay in Grand Goave today… we’d be okay & I looked like a needed a rest. All of our kids, but especially the older boys who have accompanied me to Port-au-Prince, have really grown up this week. I am taking their advise and heading to bed early tonight.