A picture is worth a 1000 words, right?  Good, I don’t have much spare time these days :)

Jelani Peter Honorat joined our family on July 11th and the time since has been a bit foggy!  He entered the world via a complicated c-section and I had a tough couple of months recovering while trying to keep tabs on the 17 month old running circles around us!  Things have calmed down now. Jelani & I have just returned from his first trip to Haiti… we left Hasannah & Renel in Canada as it was only a 2 week trip.  It was so great to see the H2H kids after a long 6 months stint in Canada.

I talked to the kids at H2H on a weekly (sometimes daily!) basis while I was in Canada but it still seemed like so much had changed while I was away.  Here are just a few things:

Two of the classrooms on the 2nd floor have been rebuilt:

A water filtration system had been installed – every tap on our compound (including the school) now provides safe drinking water for the kids!
Enorck & his wife Chantel welcomed boy #4 into their family… Theo Jesse.

Christmas was in the air!

More than 15 kids have joined our H2H family!

Renel, Hasannah, Jelani & I are heading back to Haiti in 2 weeks and will be there until May.  We’re looking forward to getting to know the new kids, hosting many teams and getting away from this Canadian winter!