The kids at H2H have spent the week welcoming me back to Haiti so I think it’s time I welcome you back to my blog!

While I had a busy summer, the change of scenery & responsibility was nice and I was able to return to Haiti in good shape. I was so excited to arrive and see my welcome party waiting for me… then reality hit as we pulled away from the airport. I snapped 2 pictures, my excitement quickly faded and my eyes welled up… I had been away for ~3 months and instead of getting better things seem to have deteriorated further. The tent cities are still everywhere and the storm season has taken a toll on them.

I took a deep breath, put my camera away and turned to face the comrades who had come to pick me up. Their excitement to see me quickly charged me up again and I soaked in the updates they gave me. In contrast to the staleness of Port-au-Prince, everyone at H2H has been working hard and so much has happened; the kids have finally moved back inside, 5 new kids have arrived, 3 containers of food & supplies have arrived, our school has expanded to include grade 7, multiple food distributions have happened, the new food depot & offices are almost complete and a new school for the deaf has opened in PauP and our Samantha is finally back in school!!

Most of these things deserve an entry to themselves but for now you’ll have to be satisfied with seeing some pictures of the containers arriving & the food distributions (photos courtesy of Paulka).

While most developments at H2H have been positive our internet satellite isn’t working at the moment so my access to internet is limited… as I have to go to an internet café across town. I hope to have it fixed quickly but have patience with me in the mean time.

The containers:

The giveaways:

Also, as many of you already know, I have returned to Haiti without Renel – he is staying in Canada until December to practice his English and get to know my family better. We are both grateful for this opportunity for him but we will miss each other. I recently sent out a personal newsletter which gave some background info about Renel & I and our summer experience in Canada – if you didn’t receive it I don’t have your email address! If you’d like to see the newsletter please send me your email and I’ll forward it to you.

Here’s a sneak peak…