I am so far behind on my paperwork that I locked myself in my house this weekend to get caught up… and to alleviate my fears of being fired :)

My goal was to finish sending “thank you emails” to those who made purchases through the H2H gift catalogue. I was making headway until I wrote this email & then took several hours to compose myself again…

If you have been following my blog (www.rebeccalarkin.blogspot.com) you’ll know that we lost one of our kids in the earthquake… Kaka was living in Port-au-Prince while he attended school. His home collapsed in the initial earthquake and we were not able to recover his body.

Kaka’s parents live in a small town in northern Haiti, called Bouva. They are a poor family who live in a remote mountain community. Most of their children are living at H2H as they did not have a chance to go to school in Bouva. When his parents found out about Kaka they were devastated to say the least and his father became sick. He is recovering but hasn’t been able to do much to support his family. I have sent the money you sent to H2H for “emergency food” to Kaka’s parents and pray that God’s presence and peace will accompany the monetary gift and their hearts will be nourished as well as their bodies.

Thank you for your purchase through the H2H gift catalogue and please continue to pray for Kaka’s parents and the rest of his family. I am attaching a picture of Kaka – taken a few weeks before the earthquake. He was taking a computer class at school and was excited to show me what he was learning on my computer.

Kaka, you are our brother, son, nephew, cousin and friend to all… we love you and miss you!