Saturday, Oct 11th… exactly 1 month after returning to Haiti… was the day the fevers started. I remember it well b/c we were at Tyno Beach with the kids when the first fever hit.

Since that day I have been sicker than I’ve ever been in my life. First with malaria, then typhoid fever. My original typhoid test was negative but continued fevers made the doctor do another house call (I got to redeem myself by not throwing up this time) & another set of tests. I am now several days into the typhoid treatment – still very weak but now able to leave my bed for short periods of time & starting to feel stronger everyday.

Following God’s leading to Haiti has required me to follow Him somewhat blindly & my ability to obey without questioning has surprised me as it’s not in my character to do so. Being sick has been my biggest challenge so far & while I haven’t always been successful at battling discouragement I have willfully decided not to start questioning now. I think deep down I knew this was coming (at least the malaria part of it) as fevers are part of the life here. Haitians are incredibly resilient people & my respect for them has grown after experiencing the illnesses they battle so often. I may even run for shelter with them during the next thunderstorm :)