I have been lacking in my communication these past few months & have been earnestly seeking inspiration in this area. Well today, despite a bad head cold, I feel truly inspired!!

It started with H2H’s gift catalogue…

2 generous supporters donated money to buy “emergency food”. Pastor Luc & I talked about whom we thought was most in need at the moment & as our conversation continued my excitement grew. There is an older lady in our church (who just laughed when we asked her how old she is) who is blind & treks ~20 minutes over tough terrain to attend church 3 times each week. Notremene has a small support base & is usually accompanied by her great nephew, Frenel, who is 10 years old. Pastor Luc & I went for a hike this morning & visited her in her home.

2 sides of her house are constructed of rocks & the other 2 have bed sheets hanging where the walls should be. She has borrowed sheets of metal to help keep the wind & rain out but needs to return them to their owner soon. The tin roof has many holes and the few possessions she has are soaked each time it rains.

The roof:

Inside (2 rooms):

The kitchen:

This inspiration started with money donated to buy emergency food and I’m hoping we can multiply the resources to make Notremene’s house solid before the rainy season hits hard…the end of this month!

We estimate it will take $750 US to finish the walls & replace the tin roof. If you would like to be involved please email me as soon as possible as we’d like to start the construction immediately.