I recently had to write an article for the H2H Newsletter about my year at H2H and I wanted to share if with you too…

As I only have one page in this newsletter to summarize my year at H2H I’m going to direct you to my blog for the details (www.rebeccalarkin.blogspot.com) & here I’m just going to tell you what I’ve learned about tile floors. Disappointed? Give it a read before you decide ☺

The Guesthouse has tile floors – I have swept them, mopped them, cleaned vomit off them, cleaned blood off them, been brought to tears on them, slept on them, slipped on them & several times experienced God on them.

The Call to come to H2H was clear but the reason was a bit fuzzy. I’ve struggled with knowing there are other people who are more qualified & have more to offer the kids. In my pep talks I kept reminding myself that my strength is my versatility & that could cover all circumstances – weak, I know, but desperate times call for desperate measures! Thanks to my dad’s coaching technique I am pretty good at giving pep talks, even to myself. That kept me going for several months but a time came when it was no longer sufficient as it relied on my ability to always be there for myself. How can you be there when you’re too tired to take out your contacts before going to bed most nights – which I don’t recommend several nights in a row! How can you be there when you’re broken? There were times when I laid on my immaculately mopped tile floor (that only slightly smelled like the mildew mop I used) and cried out to God to become my strength, to be the food that nourishes me, to be the water that hydrates me, to remove my personal agenda & to align my dreams with His will for my life. It wasn’t an immediate change, nor one that is finished, but God met me as I laid on the tile floor & answered my prayers in practical ways. He helped me stomach the spaghetti/rice diet. He gave me discernment to know when to help & when to allow someone else to step in. He gave me pep talks when I looked into the kids’ eyes. He gave me fellowship & encouragement through new friends. He gave me strength when I had to look into the face of death, starvation & evil. He filled me with His love so there was always enough for others. This year I was His tile floor, which He swept, mopped, waxed & repaired when broken. On His floor the kids found love, not because the floor was anything special, but because on the tile floor they played with their Father.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your involvement in H2H. Many of you have never met your sponsorship child, sat in the buildings you’ve helped build or seen Pastor Luc in action behind the pulpit. Yet you’ve decided to help. You’ve made sacrifices. The sacrifices I made to come here are nothing in comparison to the joy the kids give me. I hope that as you read through my blog you are given that same joy, as the kids here are real & they know you are real! They pray for you & they thank God for your commitment to help them.

Rebecca Larkin