The H2H school has been in session for just over a month but this rainy season has left us with lots of days off and lots of muddy uniforms!!

The bad weather hasn’t just affected our school…

– no sun means clothes don’t dry… we have over 100 kids… that’s a lot of dirty, or clean but ‘wet for so long that it’s smelling musty’ clothes and sheets!!!

– gardens that supply our local market have been badly damaged in the rain so fresh produce is scarce & very expensive – the price of dried beans has almost doubled in the past month!

– the damp weather is perfect for mosquitoes which means malaria season… Hasannah is just getting over malaria… not a fun first for Mommy.

– power & internet has been intermittent at best due to wind storms & broken power lines

The biggest storm was obviously Hurricane Sandy and it had terrible timing!  Right in the middle of it we had a caravan of trucks leaving H2H to go to a funeral (Gran Bar, Pastor’s Luc’s mom passed away) in Bouva.  We left as soon as there was enough light to see & didn’t make it to Bouva until 10pm!  Here are a few pictures I took in Leogane (a small town 30 minutes away from H2H).

this is the main Highway into Port-au-Prince:

The funeral in Bouva was a 3 day affair and was huge!  I don’t have many pictures as it rained most of the time but here are a few of the procession to the cemetery. 

On a personal level, this past month has had it’s challenges…

– While we were in Bouva, Hasannah started having fevers.  She had no other symptoms of being sick & the fevers were very high – 102/103 (taken under the arm).  We were in the mountains so tylenol & a cold cloth were the only medical care I could give her.  We returned to Grand Goave 3 days later and immediately went to the hospital and she tested positive for malaria.  She responded immediately to the medicine and was back to her smiley self within a week.

– Renel & I are responsible for raising our financial support and our support has declined this past year and we’ve just been advised that we are significantly short of our support for 2012.  If we are not able to raise the funds before the end of December… and increase our monthly support for next year, we will have to reconsider our full time status with H2H.  This is a tough situation for us as we consider H2H home and the kids & community our family.

We would appreciate your prayers for our family in both of these areas.

On a more positive side, Hasannah is doing well and becoming more Haitian everyday…  her favorite foods are goat meat and black bean sauce (seriously, she loves them!!) and she has stolen a few licks of sugar cane when I’m not looking.  She loves going to church (even when the services stretch past 5 hours!!) and the heat doesn’t seem to bother her at all.  Hasannah loves the attention she gets from the kids but she gets more excited when the chickens & roosters come close.  Here she is with her hair braided, enjoying her bath tub.