I am exhausted but really want to give you an update and I will do my best to do it justice as it deserves it… the last 48 hours have truly been blessed.

Yesterday morning a work party of Navy soldiers came to H2H to help us clear debris. They worked hard to clear our fallen walls so we can start rebuilding them. The barbwire fences have worked well but we are missing the density and height of our concrete ones.

At noon I got a call from Enorck saying his wife was in labor. This was her 3rd child and the other births were difficult as the babies were big. The second birth was a c-section. I have been working hard to find a hospital that is capable of a c-section but haven’t been able to find anything. We had an appointment on Monday for an ultrasound to determine whether a c-section was going to be necessary. When her labour started we took her to the local clinic (Lifeline) which has become a medical hub with the help of the US Marines & Navy. By the time we arrived Chantal was fully dilated, her water had broken but the baby was not in position. The Navy doctor on site arranged to have us evacuated (on a hovercraft) to the USS Bataan for a c-section. Chantal was given an epidural almost immediately upon arrival… while Enorck & I underwent x-rays for tuberculosis (a precautionary measure for all visitors). The plan was a c-section but as soon as Chantal’s body relaxed with the drugs the baby’s head slipped out and Joe was born!!! By the grace of God both mother & baby are doing great.

The hovercraft:

Transporting Chantal onto the hovercraft:

“Talking” to the baby… trying to convince him to wait until we reached the ship:

Dressing Enorck so he can enter the OR:

Enorck & I with baby Theo Joe Honorat (Joe for short)… the baby knows his aunt already :)

The Navy nurse with Joe:

Joe in his Haitian manger:

The family with Capt. Howard… chief of the USS Batton:

The staff of the USS Batton were incredible. After delivering Joe, they took care of us too… they fed us, clothed us, let us shower (for the first time since the quakes!!!) and sleep. I really needed the sleep. This morning they took Enorck & I on a thorough tour of the ship. Here is a view of the landing strip from the Bridge:

Another view from the Bridge.. back to the shores of Grand Goave:

Apparently doodling is useful in all professions:

Enorck checking out Grand Goave on the binoculars:

We returned the Grand Goave a few hours ago and Joe has met his older brothers, Theo & Theodad. Here is Theodad giving him a kiss:

I know there are many people on the USS Batton following my blog already so I want to say a huge THANK YOU to you all – not only for delivering Joe but for all you are doing for Haiti.