Meme is a 16 year old boy who lived with his aunt in a nearby town called Tampion (on the road to Petit Goave). When the earthquake started he was working in a garden in the mountains. After the initial few shakes ceased he ran down the mountains to his aunt’s house… only to find it abandoned. The aftershocks continued and he was scared to stay by himself so he made his way to the market in Grande Goave on his bike. He spent 4 long nights there, without food or shelter, until someone in town directly him to Heart to Heart Valley. He has been staying with us ever since.

My first encounter with Meme was the day after he arrived. Our compound was full of school kids and community members and it was difficult to sort through the masses. I came across a boy sitting alone crying. He eventually explained that his front tooth had been broken and was hurting. I sent him to a dentist in town that afternoon… in the chaos I didn’t give much thought to who he was or why he was there. It was later that night that Pastor Luc filled me in on his story.

Meme’s mom abandoned him 3 years ago, fleeing to the Dominican, leaving him with his dad and his aunt’s family. A year ago his dad died suddenly after drinking some homemade alcohol… it was presumably poisoned but nothing was confirmed. This left him alone with his aunt’s family. He has a few brothers and sisters but most were living in Port-au-Prince with various family members – none of them have been in touch for years.

We are trying to locate Meme’s aunt and a brother that was rumored to be living nearby but we haven’t had any luck yet. For now Meme is safe, and happy, living at H2H but we’d like to reunite him with his family. Please pray for Meme and the others that have similar stories – before the earthquake they had very little family life… now they have even less.

Here’s Meme helping the boys take down the rest of the questhouse/kitchen complex – he’s a very hard worker!!