Vi Isaac became a sponsor with Heart to Heart over 15 years ago and she came to visit her kids (& grand kids!!) in Haiti for the first time last month.

Her first child was Enorck Honorat – Vi sponsored him until he finished mechanics school in Port-au-Prince and he is now our Driver/Mechanic and lives very close to the H2H compound. He is married to Chantel and has 3 boys; Theo, Theo-Dad and Theo-Joe. You may remember hearing about Theo-Joe being born on the US Marine Ship just after the earthquake. Enorck was very proud to be the one to pick Vi up at the airport and then to sit with her on his patio as he introduced her to his family.

Vi’s next child was Sylfanai Noel – he was her sponsor child until he received his teaching diploma and he is now the grade 4 teacher of our School. He is also a very talented musician… he plays the trumpet, base guitar and can make a tune on almost any instrument his picks up! He feels very blessed to have gone through the H2H program and believes in giving back. He runs the music program at H2H (the Children’s Home and the Church) and teaches at all 4 levels; theory classes, apprentice program, Jr Band & Senior Band. The Senior Band, which Noel conducts, plays at Church and also at functions in town. It is a huge time commitment for Noel and he does it cheerfully and as a volunteer! Many of the instruments were damaged or destroyed in the earthquake so they are slowly building up their resources again (you can donate money towards the music program through the H2H gift catalogue:

At the time of the earthquake, January 12th, Noel was engaged to be married and just finished pouring the cement roof on his house – his house was flattened. He was determined to stick with his plans & not be discouraged by his loss (as he felt it was minimal compared to what some lost) and he was married to Darline in July. They are living in a rented house close to the H2H compound.

Like Enorck, he was very excited to finally meet Vi and was especially proud when she came to Band Practice.

Her current sponsor child, Wilkenson, was shy to meet Vi but broke out of his shell when he took her to the open air market and skillfully lead her through the crowds of people. Vi was so impacted to meet the people she has affected over the years that she has added a second child, Jason, to her family… they will be the next Enorck & Noel!! She also hand picked 2 grand kids… for her daughter to sponsor :)

Vi has not only been a sponsor herself, she has signed up friends and family, and she has encouraged her Church’s Sunday School Program to sponsor 4 kids. The effort she is making is not only impacting the kids at H2H, the ripple effect has reached back home and continues to spread!

If you have considered sponsoring a child through H2H and haven’t done it yet, please email me and I’ll get you signed up! Or… if you’re already a sponsor, like Vi… considered talking to your friends and family about our sponsorship program and encouraging them to jump on board. It’s only $35 per month – check out H2H’s website for the details: