I’m in the MI International Airport Hotel & just finished my last meal before flying back to Haiti tomorrow morning. Since leaving my house this morning (very early!!) I’ve gone through many emotions… and I’m hoping exhaustion will be the next one so I can get a good night sleep!

I had an amazing summer – maybe even podium worthy! Here’s a picture of Courtney, my niece, & I at the Vancouver Aquarium last week. Playing nanny to her & Hayden was a perfect way to end a summer focused on my family.

I feel well rested & ready to get off the bench. I’ve stayed in contact with Haiti over the summer but a crackly phone line is not a good substitution & I’m so excited to see the kids tomorrow. As you probably already know Haiti has been hit hard by the hurricanes this season. I’m told our compound (in Grande Goave) is still in good shape but some of our neighbors have lost homes. Likewise, the roads between us & Port-au-Prince are clear but major roads into other cities have been completely wiped out which makes getting food/medical supplies to the areas hardest hit very difficult. I’m really not sure what to expect but will keep you posted in the coming weeks. Our satelite dish is down so I may not be in contact for a week or so.

I’m being joined by some Haiti junkies (Roger & Albert) tomorrow morning & we’ll be flying into Haiti together. It will be great to have their company and I’m looking forward to jumping in with both feet.

Thank you so much to all of you who have decided to support me financially, and who donated items for our garage sale fundraiser in August! If you’d still like to support me send me an email (rebeccalarkin6@hotmail.com) & I’ll give you the information. I’m very close to my goal but still a few hundred dollars per month shy.