You always start with the bad, right?

Wilkenson still hasn’t had his operation!!!!!! We dropped Wilkenson off at the hospital (2 people stayed with him) on our way to the airport to pick up a missionary team. I was so frustrated with the hospital that I didn’t want to leave him without knowing he was actually going to see a doctor. I’m not proud of it but for the first time since living in Haiti (intentionally anyways) I took advantage of being “blan”. I left the gang outside, cut to the front of the line & went into the hospital to find a doctor. I went into the doctor’s change room (yes I was that frustrated!) and found a doctor that had just arrived & was putting on his scrubs. I explained the situation & asked him to make sure Wilkenson could get into see the doctor so they could determine if surgery was necessary or if they could put on a proper cast. He immediately said yes (praise the Lord!!) and walked us through administration & picked up the x-ray pictures they’d already taken. When we left for the airport I was feeling confident that we could pick up Wilkenson on our way back. Well the doctor I found kept his promise & made sure Wilkenson got to see the Doctor but that was the only thing that went smoothly. They had to take x-rays again & they were just as rough as the first time. They said immediately that surgery was needed but another doctor wanted to try setting it first. So they gave him a shot of something (no idea what) & started pulling before the shot had time to sink in. Part of me wishes I was there to support Wilkenson but the bigger part of me was glad I didn’t have to sit helpless while watching him suffer again. The people who stayed with Wilkenson phoned to tell me that surgery was necessary but they didn’t have bed for him overnight so he had to return in the morning. He came home a few hours later too drugged up to talk or walk & slept right through the night.

Despite is good night sleep for both us (gotta love drugs!!) walking him up this morning to head back to the hospital was not easy. He was determined not to go! I finally convinced him to get ready by promising him that is wasn’t going to be the same… no more x-rays & he’ll sleep through the entire thing. He said ok, but then quickly added; “only if you come”. With a team here it’s not feasible for me to go for 2 or 3 days so I had to say no… the crying broke my heart. It wasn’t until he saw one of the guys pass my room that he stopped crying. I forced him to shower, dress & sit in the truck.

This afternoon I called the people who went with him to see how the surgery was & it didn’t happen!! The doctor (a different one of course) now says they need to have 4 people to come to PauP to give blood before they’ll do the operation!!! Four of the older boys are leaving early to meet them at the hospital so please pray that it will go smoothly & they’ll be able to do the operation tomorrow. I know everything happens in God’s time but it hard to see him suffer in the meantime.

Ok, now for the good….

Darcy & his team arrived here yesterday – safe & sound! They are a group of 5 from Alberta who will be putting a new playground in the H2H school as well as some smaller projects. They wasted no time getting started!! The ground where the playground will go has already been cleaned, trees moved (replanted of course!) and the major parts of the playground have been marked out. The playground equipment arrived in a container Monday & we are currently in the process of getting it released. Here are some pictures of the guys working.

Darcy’s team will be here for 2 weeks so pray for their health & for energy to get all the work done. Today was hot & most of them are already burnt!