This update is a few weeks late but John’s team did some cool stuff while there were here & I wanted to share some pictures with you. My parents were here the same time as John’s team but I’m going to keep their update for “tomorrow”… I’m saying tomorrow in the Haitian sense, which means someday in the near future :)

John’s team was really busy while they were here so I’ll just cover a few of the things they did…


They brought wooden cars for the kids to sand & paint and they made a race track for an official competition. This would excite any kid but you’ll see from the pictures that this was an exceptional day for them.

Getting the cars ready:

Race day:

Another thing the team did, & was by far my favorite thing, was feeding hospital patients at the local hospital. It was the favorite for me because of the way the older girls in the Children’s Home took ownership of it &, aside from giving the money to purchase the food, executed it by themselves!! The team wanted to make a connection with the hospital in anticipation for working with them on future projects/teams but due to their busy itinerary they didn’t have much time to buy or cook the food. I asked the older girls if they’d like to take charge & they jumped all over it!! They bought the food in the market, cooked it, packed it in individual plates, loaded it in the truck & helped the team delivery it to the patients. It was a unique opportunity for the girls & they’ve already asked if it’s something we can do on a regular basis.

The girls making the food:

Delivering the food to the hospital: