After Albert & Jason’s team, we had a team of newbies from Indiana… Mike & his kids.  They had a great time getting to know the kids at H2H and learning about the culture of Haiti.  The embraced the ciaos of the compound and even added to it with their balloon party!

We also have another visitor here – Julie.  She is originally from Quebec but is now living in Abbotsford… when she’s not touring around the world!  She is spending a month with us at H2H and is creating a proper garden, as her background is in Agriculture.  Haiti’s sun is good for gardens but not much fun for the gardeners!

These pictures are out of order but I wanted to include them because it’s a first for us… we built a BBQ & roasted a pig with Albert/Jason’s team!  The kids were skeptical about eating the pig but there was nothing left but the bones so I’d say it was a great success!