On Saturday I went with a group called The Brothers to hand out bags of rice to two small villages. They are a local group that go every Wednesday & Saturday. Depending on where they go we (blancs) are allowed to tag along and help.

I was under the impression that this trip was up through the mountains (which is on GLA’s approved list) but as I was recapping the journey yesterday, we realized that I had been wrong. We went through Port-au-Prince and then up some mountains on the other side… opps. In hindsight it was a good mistake b/c they are now considering expanding the approved list, which would allow me to go more often!

We left in the late afternoon & drove for about 3 hours before arriving at the villages. There were people, mostly kids, lined up waiting for us in both of the villages. The Feeding was very well organized & it didn’t take long to give each person a bag of rice.

I was the only blanc who went and Molly & the gang from GLA dropped me off at the Orphanage on their way shopping. People were pretty shy with me while we loaded the trucks & drove away but I won them over…. we drove past the gang from GLA while they were shopping at some street vendors & I pointed & yelled “Blancs, blancs”. They laughed & warmed up after that.

Here are some pictures… sorry, I don’t have any of the actual Feeding b/c I was working :)

The truck is packed & we’re ready to go:

Driving… the white truck behind has more workers & the rice bags:

The streets of Port-au-Prince:

The streets of Petionville:

The crowds waiting:

The kids waiting:

Their houses:

Little boy VERY EXCITED to get one of Brendon & Taylor’s cars:

As we drove away: