Abbotsford Vineyard Church, along with Roger’s Food, sent a container to H2H Valley loaded with flour, school supplies & gifts…among others things :)

The container was delayed but has now finally arrived!!

The kids at H2H unloaded it & stored the contents in an empty container…which was especially hard when they started seeing their names on presents!!!

Kakina, our future model & singer, poised for the camera :)

The team from Abbotsford Vineyard Church arrived… to empower the church members to be the hands & feet of Jesus Christ to their neighbourhood. In last years flour/rice give-away the Pastors worked together to serve their churches. This year it was the church members turn to be the salt & light. Over 40 churches partipated. Each family within the churches received a bag of rice with the encouragment to bless others…the encouragement even went as far as asking them to consider blessing their “enemies”.

Piles of flour were made & each Pastor came to pick up their churches portion.

I know you shouldn’t have favorites but here was my favorite Pastor… hard to resist a man in shades :)

The team piggy back on the flour idea and gave each child who lives at H2H Valley a bag of toys and the kids went out into the community to blessed the neighborhood kids that have even less than them. It was a big hectic at times but an amazing experience for our kids.

Here’s Eliyou, our youngest boy, shyly giving away a toy:

After the team left Pastor Luc decided to take it a step farther and went out into the community with some of our older boys and gave a bag of flour to each house surrounding the H2H compound…each house which isn’t connected to a church as they were involved in the flour give-away with the pastors. What a great experience for our older boys!

Here are some of our neighbors that received the flour:

Starting later today we have 3 back-to-back teams & I’m flying home with the third team on July 15th so it’s going to be a busy month!! Please pray for my health & some extra energy :)