Sorry for disappearing after the hype on Notremene’s house… I hope this update is worth the wait :)

My parents visited last week & we had a great time! It was their second time in Haiti & they felt much more at home. They wanted to get a feel for my “real life” so we tried to stick to my regular schedule as much as possible…cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping in the open-air market, teaching, bandaids, mending clothes, visiting friends in the community. They were able to meet Preslet & visit Notremene at her house. It was a great week & their expanded comfort zone makes home seem a lot closer, now for the rest of my family… brother? sister? cousins? aunts? uncles? … I’m waiting! :)

Here’s my mom & I teaching the grade 1 class “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”

Now for the anticipated update on Notremene’s house!!! We received the rest of the money & the renovation has begun!!! Here are some pictures I took this morning.

View from the mountain you need to pass to get to her house, her house in the second house:

The old tin roof has been removed & the guys are building a wood frame for the new roof:

Notremene is extremely grateful, here she is showing me the materials for the new roof:

And her sidekick bring a chair for me: