Several days have passed since Roger & Albert were here and there is a lot to update you on!

– We have shocked the well and are now drinking it.

– We have made good connections with Samaritan’s Purse and are hopefully getting their help to clear the rubble on our property and bring down the rest of the kitchen/guesthouse complex.

– All of Haiti spent 3 days praying and fasting. The fasting was from 6am – 12pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I went to PauP on Friday morning and it was spooky to drive through streets that were almost deserted. We passed several large churches that were overflowing into the streets. This earthquake has really shaken the spiritual lives of Haitians and it is undermining the Voodoo sectors.

– On the way home from dropping Roger & Albert off at the DR border we stopped in PauP at a hospital set up in the PauP Airport parking lot. They generously let me raid their supply room. Our kids don’t have any serious injuries but we have lots of cuts & are starting to see malaria/typhoid.

– I visited the Grand Goave Hospital yesterday (with one of our malaria patients) and had a good visit with the Cuban staff that recently renovated the hospital and are now running it. Despite having lost about half the hospital to damage from the initial earthquake they are now fully staffed and fully functional!

– City power (EDH) is only on for an hour or so every night. We were excited when it was turned on initially but it hasn’t been much help. I’m not complaining though, it’s only supposed to be activated in the streets (for security) but somehow a cluster of homes were activated too. Mine happens to be one of them! So I sneak into my house & drink cold water from the water cool every night just before midnight… don’t tell Renel :)

– We are building a temporary structure in the school yard. This will replace our sleeping quarters shortly (as we have blocked the entrance to our compound and it is difficult for trucks to enter), provide us with a place to hold church services and hopefully allow us to start school next month.

– The aftershocks are slowing down and are much less severe but yesterday we had several strong ones. This, combined with the rumor that “the big one is still coming”, destroyed the confidence that was mounting.

– I am working on Renel’s visa so he can come home with me this summer for a quick visit – please pray that the process will go smoothly.

The H2H Board has also created a blog and are providing regular updates on it – Check it regularly to see what is happening behind the scene back in Canada.