Kakina is one of the older girls who live at H2H. She asked me today if I could pass her thanks on to everyone who is helping us. I agreed… only if she agreed to say thank you to the camera :)

Here she is:

“I want to say thank you to God for all He did for me because in this earthquake I was in this building. I had just finished eating and when it started I can’t explain what it was like. I also want to say thank you for everyone who is helping us. After the earthquake we went for 3 days without finding food. But God helped us find help. We say thank you to everyone who is helping us and we say thank you to everyone who is thinking of us.

On another note, the Navy wrote this article on Joe…


…and their photographers sent me this picture:

Finally, thank you so much for your emails and for all you are doing to help us. I’m sorry I am not able to respond to all my emails and facebook comments… my time on the internet is scarce and I’ve been focused on “working”. Please keep emailing me, I really do appreciate it.

Things are starting to get out of “survival mode” as aid comes in but we’re still struggling. I am so tired. I’m not sleeping at all outside and I’m praying that the aftershocks will slow down enough for us to start sleeping inside again… the Children’s Home is the only building on our compound that didn’t fall & I’m praying it will be okay to re-enter with a bit of repairs.