The TWU team is updating their blog regularly so if you haven’t checked it out already, here it is again:

Yesterday they did a seminar in Tetabef (a nearby mountain community where Pastor Luc has planted a church). It’s a long hike & it’s super hot here at the moment so the team rented motocycles… it was definitely an adventure!!

They had a day off this week so they set up a volleyball net & taught the kids to play:

The boys on the team have been playing soccer with the kids almost everyday… until a few days ago when “Matthew tackled Justin and split his chin open”… at least that’s the rumor the kids at H2H have been spreading around… sorry Matthew! We had to take Justin to the hospital for a few stitches:

H2H has also been hosting an under 16 soccer tournament these past few weeks… thanks to one of our boys, Rood. They formed several teams within H2H and the kids in the community and played a round robin style tournament. Saturday was the final and one of the H2H teams won! It was fun to watch the kids play and I was proud of Rood for organizing such a great community event.

Here’s some pictures from the final match… H2H is in green.