The past 2 weeks have been busy with 2 overlapping teams…

Pastor Philip, leading a group of 10, came for his first visit. He is from Indiana and has been supporting Pastor Luc and H2H for years but this is the time they’ve been able to come to Haiti.

The men led a Pastor’s conference and the women led a Women’s conference while a doctor & his helpers held a medical clinic – there was a lot going on!!!

PS… it was a long week for Pastor Luc as he hurt his foot a few days before the team arrived and had to keep it elevated… not an easy task when you’re translating!!

Everyone really enjoyed the church services and the conferences… even Ti-Ne appreciated the down time so he could take a nap :)

Here is Doctor Patrick and his “nurses” in their medical clinic:

They even kept the kids occupied in the evenings with movies! It was a great week with Pastor Philip and his team and we hope they’ll become regulars.

Two H2H Boardmembers, Albert & Roger, were here as well. Among many other tasks, they jumpstarted the building on the new Kitchen/Dining Hall/Depot complex.

Here’s what the complex looks like now… the walls are going up and it’s exciting to be able to visualize the final product! The gears are in motion and won’t be stopped until the first meal is cooked in the new kitchen and served to the kids in the new dinning hall!!

We have a quiet week this week and then another building team arrives on Feb 6th to work on the second floor of our Children’s Home.