Wow, it’s hard to believe my “year at H2H” is over and I’m sitting on the plane going home. Hmm… I only packed in a little carry-on backpack… I’m still digesting what that means so I’ll avoid that topic at the moment.

Dr, Blackburn, Dr. Sam & their team were here last week & had an eventful trip doing dentist clinics at H2H and medical clinics in the local hospital. We also took a road trip to Tetebef… ok, not really a road trip, it’s more like climbing Grouse Grind a few times in the heat of the day with backpacks of medical supplies. It was my first time going & I’m so glad I did – it was beautiful & such a huge blessing for the people up there.

Here are some pictures from Tetebef:

The view from halfway up the mountain

Almost there! Ok, here’s the confession… yes, that’s my shadow sitting on the horse… so when I say it was like hiking the Grouse Grind twice I’m speaking on behalf of the team :)

The locals making fresh coffee for us, which was very much appreciated!

The crowd that was waiting

Pastor Luc & Dr Sam examining their first patient of the day

The medical students “experimenting”

We also went to Basin Blu (in Jacmel) for an afternoon:

The adventure getting to the waterfalls

The highest waterfall at Basin Blu

Me & a few of my friends

After the team left I only had a few days with the kids & it was an emotional rollercoaster ride for all of us. One of the older kids captured this picture with my camera & I just discovered it while I’m sitting here on the plane. This is my little Junior, after he was told the kids were just joking about him going to Canada in my suitcase.

My goodbyes were not final – just a “see you in a few weeks!” I’m still unclear what God has for me next but I can’t imagine these kids not being in my life so I’ve told them (& H2H) that I’ll be back in September but not sure the length of the trip. Might be to say more final goodbyes & clean my room or it might be the start of something much bigger… time will tell!

As I said, I’m on the plane going home so for those of you who are “at home”… I’m super excited to see you so call me soon!