H2H is a non-profit organization which functions on monthly sponsorships & fundraising.  We are always in need of new sponsors for kids & new fundraising ideas.  Those of you who receive H2H’s newsletters already know about the Ride for Refuge fundraiser… the rest of you can read the information below.
Please let me know if you would like to be involved in the ride, or have a creative fund raising idea of your own!
ps… if you don’t receive H2H’s bi-yearly newsletter and would like to please email me.
Ride for Refuge 2013

Heart to Heart is participating in the Ride for Refuge on Saturday, October 5.  The money raised through this cycling event will cover the expenses of expanding our high school to grade 12.  (We just added grade 10 to our high school this year!) 

Would you consider getting involved in this fun event?  We really would appreciate your support!  You may choose to:

a)  Sponsor an existing rider (donations are tax-deductible)…no amount is too small!
b)  Join a team (then get your friends and family to sponsor you)
c)  Become a team captain (and recruit other riders to join you)

The exciting thing about this fundraiser is that there are several locations hosting the RIDE, so H2H supporters from all across Canada can get involved!  We currently have four teams in Maple Ridge, BC and one team in Brampton, Ontario.  Just look for a location near you!  
When you register, you can also choose to ride a distance that suits you.  Typical distances include:  10km, 25km, and 50km.  During online registration riders can either (1) pay a $25 registration fee or (2), waive the fee and commit to raise either $75 (youth) or $150 (adult). Most select option #2 and fundraise knowing that they can always pay the fee later if they don’t make it (the fee is non-refundable and non tax deductible).
Please contact Melanie at melaniepenninga@yahoo.ca OR go to http://rideforrefuge.org/partner/hearttohearthaiti for more details.