The first time I came to Haiti was almost 3 years ago exactly. It was roughly the same time of year as now and my first journal entry began like this… “I feel like I’ve just played an entire hockey tournament without showering & now I’m trying to sleep in a sauna!!!” Well last night I slept with sweat pants, a sweat shirt & 2 quilt blankets and I still had to do a little dance to keep warm! Getting adjusted to the climate is a good change, at least for me.

Besides being incredibly hot, at least my “good old days” in Haiti didn’t include riots & road blocks that stretch across the country. I know the violent protests are making headline news across the world so you’re likely more informed than I am! If not, google “haiti riots”… there are some pretty horrific pictures & videos.

My blog being updated 3 times this week & my emails caught up completely (woohooo!) is not the result of double strength coffee… I came to PauP last Friday in search of some RnR before another set of back-to-back teams come to H2H. The plan was for me to be picked up Tuesday morning (yesterday) before heading to the airport to pick up my good friend Teresa, who will be visiting for 2 weeks. I got a call from Tontom (my Haitian uncle), far to early in the morning, to say that he could not get from Grande Goave to PauP because of blockages & protests… I’d have to find another way to pick up Teresa & we’d have to wait out the riots in PauP. Hmmm. That was some pretty bad news. Especially since Tontom is a Big Cheese in the Police/Coast Guard & has always been my personal body guard… somehow his inability to “save me” popped some imaginary safety bubble I had. After several stressful moments, way too many phone cards & some enormous help from Joyce & Molly, Teresa was picked up yesterday & is currently camping out at a Guesthouse near the airport. At the moment most of the major roads are blocked by barricades & “business as usual” has pretty much come to a halt.

Although we are at different locations, both Teresa & I are safe. Hopefully the situation will improve over the next few days & we’ll be able to get together & ultimately get back to Grande Goave.