Ok, not quite, but I’m back on Canadian soil & staying at my parents house in Crescent Beach.

I want to start this by saying THANK YOU to all those who have supported me financially, through prayer and through emails and blog comments. I may have been the one physically in Haiti but each of you played a major part and on behalf of the kids at GLA and H2H I want to say THANK YOU again!!

My last 4 weeks at H2H have been amazing… challenging, stretching & heart wrenching but truly amazing!

The first 2 weeks I spent reconnecting with the 90 kids that live in the H2H Children’s Home, the teachers, pastors & leaders of H2H and jumping into the Haitian culture with both feet! I have been to H2H on 3 previous mission trips but once I crossed over from “visitor” to “family” it became a whole new world…. washing laundry by hand, waking up at 4:45 am EVERY morning, wearing skirts 24/7, eating only 2 meals per day and having no other “blancs” around – which meant no more English! There were certainly difficult moments but looking back I realize that they had my heart with the first hug.

For my last 2 weeks I was joined by a team from my home church, Pacific Community Church. As always, it was an eventful time – focused on the kids & team bonding. Unfortunately, staying up late with the team (especially the late night girl talks) and getting up early with the kids caught up with me and I ended up with bronchitis… nothing a good dose of antibiotics can’t resolve :)

It is difficult for me to describe how I feel about the next stage of my involvement in Haiti. The decisions that led to my initial involvement in Haiti, and now getting prepared to return to Haiti for a year have been made but I feel like they were not made by me. I feel like I have very little control over what’s next in my life but I’ve never been more confident about the direction in which I am heading.

It is great to be home with my family & friends but I am already anxious to get back to Haiti. I will keep you posted with my plans to return to H2H Grande Goave in July.