Roger and Albert (board-members for H2H) arrived today and we are so happy to see them! Not only did they bring some much needed supplies but they lifted our spirits like only they could have :)

Unloading the truck last night:

Today they spent most of the day assessing the damage to our buildings but of course they also spent lots of time with the kids.

They were also able to meet my US Marine friends as they dropped off another supplies this afternoon:

We also had a huge breakthrough yesterday… city power has been restored to our zone!!! We’ve only had a few hours of power but it has still been a huge relief to know some level of “normal” is on its way.

We have received a substantial amount of aid already, and I am incredibly thankful to all those who are supporting us, but these last 3 weeks have taken a toil on the kids and I am praying that we’ll be able to get them sleeping inside soon. Here are some pictures I took this morning of the kids around the yard.





Louison & Fritson