Ok, I’ll be the first to admit the ‘Quarter Pounder Club’ is a terrible name for a Club but read on before you judge me…

As you all know by now, I’m heading back to Haiti at the end of August and am planning to live there indefinitely. I’ll be honest, I have mixed feelings about going back this time. I’ve been having such a great summer – I’m staying at my parents house in Crescent Beach and so has the rest of the family….brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, nieces, nephew and of course my Grandma Rose! Being home, and being pampered at home, is not going to make it easy to go back to the harsh life in Haiti but it’s helped me realize something… I’m going back for a very specific reason & that reason is worth giving up the comforts for home – the kids! I miss the kids so much I have to avoid thinking about them or the thought of being away for another month is too much. I have tried hard to switch gears and stay focused on what is going on in Canada but each phone call back to Haiti makes it more difficult.

When I started my ‘support raising’ I decided I wasn’t going to ask people to sponsor me – I figured people know what I’m doing & they can get involved if they’d like. But, after talking to people the last few weeks, I’ve realized 2 things…

1. People want to be asked to be involved! I was surprised by this so it’s probably not true for everyone but I have approached a few people and they were really excited about partnering with me. They’d always wanted to do something like I’m doing but haven’t had the opportunity because of family or work commitments. They appreciated being able to be involved by sponsoring me & were excited about feeling apart of it by reading my blog & knowing their contribution is making a difference to the kids.

2. You don’t have to give a lot! Some people have said they’d like to help but they can only afford $25/mth & they think that’s not worth giving. This is not true!!!! If all of my sponsors only gave $25/mth I’d be thrilled!! It would mean I have a bigger support base which means more people ‘caring’ for me. I want you to partner with me, not just give me money every month. Haiti can be a lonely place so knowing that people are thinking & praying for me…or just believing that what I’m doing is worth doing…means so much to me. Here’s where the Quarter Pounder Club comes in – this was my failed attempt at creatively encouraging you to support me with $25/mth…don’t worry, there will be no meetings & I promise never to mention the Club name again :)

So here’s the big request… I’d really appreciate your support, whatever the amount, as I can’t continue to work at H2H in Haiti without finding partners.

If you’d like to support me monthly, using automatic withdrawal, email me for the automatic withdrawal form & send it to the below address with a separate note indicating you’d like to support me. All donations are fully tax deductable and tax receipts will be issued at the end of the year. If you’d prefer to donate in another way (credit card, post dated checks, lump sum, etc) email me and I’ll give you instructions.

Thank you so much for considering this & I’m still home for the next 4 weeks so let me know if you’d like to get together…especially if it involves food that is not rice & beans!!!

May God bless you as you are a blessing to others,

Rebecca Larkin