Bruce & Stan, in partnership with H2H, have created and implemented a 4 year program to reinforce sound teaching practices… focusing on “It’s all about the kids!”

They were to arrive in Haiti on January 13th, 2010 to conduct evaluations following the first year of the program but their trip was delayed due to the earthquake. They returned in July to hold “Year 2” with the teachers and this month they were able to come and do the evaluation for both years.

Morning prayer & singing of the nation anthem:

Raising the flag:

Rushing in to get the good seats:

Bruce & Stan visited each of the classrooms and were pleased to see how the teachers were applying the new techniques… they were even more pleased to see how the kids were responding – they are becoming more involved in the lessons and being held responsible for their learning.

The highlight of their trip was getting the news that their program will be endorsed by the Haitian Ministry of Education… meaning after completing the 4 year program the teachers will have earned a Certificate that will be signed & recognized by their Government!

Bruce and Stan will return again this summer for “Year 3” with the H2H teachers and start “Year 1” with a new set of teachers selected by the Haitian Ministry of Education. Expanding the program was always the plan but it’s exciting to see it actually happen… as things don’t often go as planned in Haiti!