Enorck (our driver at H2H) and I headed to Port-au-Prince this morning with a group of older boys/men from the church. We met GLA (God’s Littlest Angels) at the airport & received some of the aid they received from a privately chartered plane. They received less food than they had expected but it will get a through another few days and we greatly appreciate their willingness to share with us.

Tomorrow Enorck & I will return to PauP again to connect with another orphanage that has offered us help. It has been a long day, I am exhausted, but I know how anxious you are for news so I wanted to share some pictures with you.

The road between Grande Goave & Leogane:


The rock piles cover massive graves sites:

The smell driving through Leogane was almost unbearable:

This is what is left of a 3 level school… 3 levels of cement:

One of the many tent cities in Leogane:

Bodies still line the roads, waiting to be buried:

As we reached PauP the scenes were the same:

A main road turned into a tent city in PauP:

Rescue teams are searching through colapsed building with dogs to see if there are any survivors – after 7 days there still are:

But bodies are still be carried to the roadside to be disposed of:

As another night passes I urge you to keep praying for us, and I thank you for all you are doing on your side of the ocean.