As soon as Junior started feeling better he asked to see some of his friends so Tuesday night we took some visitors with us to see him… Fritson, Louison, Eliyou & Boben.

When I told Junior the boys came with me he literally “popped” up (luckily they had just removed the IV & cathidor!) and turned to the door – I barely got my camera out in time… I’m so glad I did because I never want to forget this moment.

The doctors let Junior take a walk outside and sit with his friends – they were so impressed with his progress that they told him he could go home Wednesday if his sudden progress was permanent. Junior took the challenge seriously and came home yesterday afternoon – the doctors were stunned… his healing is truly a miracle. Thank you for your prayers!

On the election front…

The final elections results were announced last night just before midnight. For the most part they were the same as the preliminary results except for the Mayor of Grand Goave (& some other local villages) – where the candidates from INITE replaced the original winning candidates… which seems to confirm the bribe rumors that have been floating around. Since the final results have been announced the supporters of the new Mayor have been roaming the city picking fights with the opposing party. It doesn’t make much sense… these supporters fought when they lost the preliminary round and now they’re fighting when they won the final round. I’m tired of the gun shots, burning tires & machetes… hopefully things will calm down quickly now that it’s final. My house is still full of people “hiding” and I’m running out of banked sleep… not to mention groceries :)

Here’s an article if you’re interested in reading more: