The H2H school had just under 500 students enrolled this past September!

Our private school differs from the public schools as it provides the kids with a hot meal each day (often the only meal the child will get) and for the past 2 years we have also provided them with all of the necessary school supplies. Not only do the kids not have money to buy their own supplies, they can often not find even the basics in the local market. Each student pays less than $3 US to enroll for the entire year as we cover the cost of the school in our sponsorship program. We are very proud of our teachers as we have one of the best academic records in our zone!

Here are some pictures of the kids getting their school supplies when school reopened after the Christmas break.

Almost all of these school supplies were donated from schools, teachers & students in the Abbotsford School District – THANK YOU, your donations are appreciated & well used!!

If you are interested in sponsoring a child or teacher please let me know.