The H2H board & Canadian staff met this past week for a day of “Vision Casting”. It was a day of celebrating our successes and brainstorming with the goal of moving from Good to Great! The emphasis of everything we talked about was ‘our kids’ and each one of us recommitted ourselves to impacting the lives of the kids of Haiti. It was a powerful day and sparked a new passion in each one of us… not to mention huge ‘to do lists’ :)

Speaking of ‘to do lists’, here’s something from mine…

We have received some kids ‘post earthquake’ that need sponsors. If you have been following my blog since the earthquake and want to partner with H2H long term please consider taking one of these kids on – it costs $35/month to sponsor a child with H2H and you will receive 2 letters/updates per year and have the ability to build a real relationship with them through emails (via me) or coming to H2H to visit them on one of the missions trips. Not only will it change their lives but it’s a relationship that will change your life too.

Just as the H2H board had a new beginning this past week, it is truly a new beginning for the kids that move into the H2H Home. Each have their own story but they all have a similar theme… they find love and a future that stretches into eternity.

Please read through these stories with purpose… if you already sponsor a child through H2H, encourage a family member or friend to help rewrite the endings…

Siltene (aka Meme) Jean Baptiste:

Meme came to H2H very shortly after the earthquake started. He was separated from his family and spent several long days searching for food & shelter. He was directed to H2H by some locals and has found much more than food & shelter… he has found a family and opportunity to be educated. He hasn’t attended school for years, so despite being 16 years old, he joined our grade 2 class. He is really enjoying school and has made friends within the H2H Home and at school. He has found a spot in the heart of Sister Edmond (our cook at H2H) and is usually found in the kitchen when school is dismissed. Meme has been told about the sponsorship program from the other kids and he is very excited to have a sponsor that will write to him!

Davidson Pierre:

Davidson’s younger brother, Mackenson, came to H2H in October 2009 and Davidson joined him in February 2010. They are from a small mountain community called Tetabef. Their family is very poor and they didn’t have the opportunity to send them to school. Usually in Haiti the younger siblings follow the older ones so watching Davidson take Mackenson’s lead has been interesting. I wish I knew what Mackenson told Davidson about my husband Renel because he instantly became his side kick!

Juvens & Juvensly Perat:

Those of you who have been to H2H before will know our twin boys Wood & Woody (who are now 17 years old)… they have a good heart but are incredibly mischievous and have a sense of humor without limits. Juvens & Juvensly have that same spirit and are taking lessons from Wood & Woody… think of the possibilities! They refer to each other as ‘brother’ and because they are identical we just call them ‘brother’ or ‘the other brother’… depending on their response to your question :)

Jeorgline Jean Louis:

We call her ‘Ti-Jeorgline’ which means ‘Little Jeorgline’ because we had another Jeorgline already. She fits her nickname in so many ways. First of all, she’s very tiny in size. She’s also small in a way that makes her seem younger than she is. She has a past littered with abuse and neglect and she seeks attention & affection the way a young child does. On the very bright side, she is well on her way to making up for lost years and I’m convinced she will find success in anything if she puts her determined little mind to it.

Lovely Gravier:

Lovely has a similar story to Jeorgline, she has missed much of her childhood and has been raised by abusive adults. She was living on the streets of Port-au-Prince after the earthquake and was brought to H2H by Social Workers. My first memory of Lovely was seeing her argue with the girl who was told to put her backpack on her new bed… but within minutes (literally) they were braiding hair together! She’s a spark plug for sure and is a very hard worker and takes great pride in doing a good job at her chores.

If you would like to become a sponsor for one of these kids please email me ( and I will connect you with the sponsorship coordinator at H2H.

I have also had people asking about other ways to get involved with H2H – there really are so many ways! You can sponsor a child, donate towards a building project or come to Haiti with a team. Your best way to get connected is to go to the H2H website ( and look around.