I talked about Junior in my last blog but he has stolen such a huge part of my heart that I need to tell you more about him. I know very little about his childhood or his family but every time I look at him I feel like I’m reading a book. I didn’t need to be told he was beaten by his father, it’s so painfully evident. But it’s not just what he’s lacking that attracts me to him; it’s the spirit & energy that pours out of him. Sometimes when I watch him I feel like I’m watching a cartoon… and as humbling as it is to admit, it’s probably the same feeling I give others when I have my typical Rebecca moments (slipping on a green grape… covering my face with black ink at the movie theatre… dancing in the cage at Roosters… dropping my mints as I tripped on the curb… falling into the bush after leaning on it, thinking it was a cement wall… telling my cousin that I was surprised how well he spoke English after growing up in England… need I remind you of more?). Well, it’s mango season here & last week Junior was determined to eat the next mango that fell from the tree. He stood under the tree for hours & screamed at anyone who came near. Well he certainly got the mango – it fell, hit him square in the face & knocked out his front tooth!! I saw it happen & as hard as I tried I could not hold back the laughter as I wiped the blood from his chin. Junior is also constantly on my mind as he is one of the new kids that don’t yet have a sponsor. H2H operates by finding sponsors for all of the kids that live in the Children’s Home or go to school here. It costs $35/month for sponsor a child and that covers the costs of their food & education. Seeing the sponsors interact with their kids has been such a rewarding part of being here. The last lady who came, Claire, brought money for some of the kids that her friend sponsors. It wasn’t much money in our standards but it was priceless to help Albert pick out shorts, a t-shirt, underwear & a toy truck with his $20 Haitian (just under $3 US). If you are interested in sponsoring Junior, or one of the other new kids, please email me & I will help you get in contact with H2H.

Well, since I gossiped about Junior I really should share an embarrassing story of my own. I’ve lost weigh since coming here & some of my skirts are really past their wearable stage. This morning I was doing laundry so I had one of my old jean skirts on… well, I’ll blame it on the heat & being tired from washing clothes… but I wasn’t thinking clearly & I went into town without changing… big mistake… as soon as I left the H2H compound I was mobbed by my fan club of kids & within seconds my skirt had fallen off! Smooth, eh? To make it worse, I was wearing American Eagle underwear with an embroidered angel across the back & a little girl immediately spotted the angel & yelled; “Gade, gade, deye Rebecca bel”… “Look, look, Rebecca’s bum is beautiful”.

For those of you who are praying for me please pray for my health. I’ve been struggling with a chest cold for the past month & I can’t seem to shake it. I have finished 10 days of antibiotics and most of the typical cold symptoms have passed but I still have a deep cough & I get tired very quickly.

Here’s some other pictures for you…

The UN is all over Haiti and they’ve been coming to Grande Goave more often because the workers who are building the new bridge are causing some problems. Well, a few of them from Shrilanka had taken a liking to me & they’ve been visiting our compound often. Of course their visits ended quickly when I said I wasn’t interested. I thought of playing along for awhile… the promise of free medicine for the kids & extra food provisions was tempting… but in the end I did the right thing :)

A few of the older girls braided my hair with extensions… you’ll have to excuse the quality of this photo… it’s one of the ‘hold the camera in front of your face in the middle of the night’ ones.