I have tried so many times to keep a journal but I always give up after a few days. Today I was cleaning out the backpack I brought home from Haiti & I found a little notebook with only 1 page written in… my latest failed attempt at a journal! I read the lonely 3 entries and immediately came to the computer. I clearly remember why I started this journal… I was feeling discouraged about being in Haiti as it felt like I was not having an impact. Here are the 3 entries…


May 26, 2008:

What have I done in Haiti?

Rebecca, it’s not about you. It’s not about how people see you. It’s not about making people like you. It’s about what I am doing. You are only an instrument – I am the musician. Just be willing… Just be willing…

June 7, 2008

“In decision making always begin with “Yes Lord.” Do not proceed to seek God’s direction if you cannot honestly say, ‘Whatever you want from me, Lord, I will do it.'”

(this was a direct quote from a book I was reading but I can’t remember what book!?!)

June 13, 2008:

Read 2 Cor. 5:1-10 (read it!!!). Lord, may the reality that I am living a temporary life on earth sink in. May this reality change the way I live. May I not be a hypocrite in the way I live.

To be honest, I’m not sure why I’m sharing this with you. Maybe I needed a reminder of the way God has spoken to me in my times of discouragement. Maybe someone out there needs to realize that God is talking to them right now…