Sorry this is rushed… we just had an aftershock and a storm is brewing so I want to get this downloaded before we lose the internet for the night.

Here is the final result of Darcy’s tents…

The guest house:

The kids dinning room:

The workshop that is being held under tight watch:

My dad, Larry, and my brother, Sean, arrived on Friday. My dad has been here several times but this is Sean’s first trip. I can’t express how great it has been to have them here… I have been running on empty since January and they’re definitely helping to refill my tanks! They’ve been busy doing some “handyman work” at my house and Sean’s main focus is building & painting some signs… it may sound like a small thing but it’s so frustrating to explain where we are located without a sign on the main road and in front of our compound… it’s especially important now with all the aid coming in and the drivers not being familiar with us or the area.

The sign boards being welded:

The painting begins:

Having some extra hands, that just happen to be pretty skillful, is always a plus and we’ve taken full advantage of it. Here’s some of what Sean has been up to…

Putting up the iron sheets on the new “temporary” kitchen:

Sponsorship letters:

They’ve also spent lots of time playing with the kids – the kids especially like the plastic soldiers they brought… thanks to their recent encounter with the US Marines :)

They also brought some special treats with them…

Cards from Hope Luthern Christian School:

Clothes made by the Home-Economics class at Glen Eagle Secondary School in Coquitlam:

This was just too cute not to post… my mom sent a bunch of new underwear and here’s Eliyou showing his off!

And finally… Kenzie Watson (from Vineyard Church in Abbotsford) came on the same plane as my dad & brother and will be staying at H2H until July. She’ll be teaching ESL and helping out wherever she can… she’s staying in the new guesthouse tent and definitely approves of it… good job Darcy!! Kenzie has been working hard on her Creole and already written enough sponsorship letters that she deserves a vacation :)