Yesterday was the first time I:

– saw the famous Penny, the mean Great Dane dog who lives at the Main House… luckily it was from afar.

– saw a little girl get picked up by her adoptive parents.

– got a high five from Matthew!!! (although I still can’t pick him up without him screaming)

– gave a knitting lesson to some of the Haitian Nannys… that could be an entire blog so I’ll leave it for another day.

– ate a fresh pineapple from Haiti…. amazing!

– was bit by a child :(

– yelled at a child… not the child who bit me tho :)

Today will be the first time I’ll get to go on the “Feeding”. There is a group called The Brothers who have a school & orphanage down the lane & they take a large truck of food to small villages twice a week to feed people. Usually they go down the mountain, which is not safe for us blancs, but today they’re going up the mountain so I get to go!! I’m really excited. I’m going by myself but I’ve been told it is safe. I’ve been looking forward to this since I got here. I’ll post some pictures of it later.

Matthew being Matthew… even a sucker won’t make him like me. Any ideas??

Sadrack playing w/ Taylor’s truck, which was a HUGE hit with all the kids. I keep it in my room & bring it out when I work w/ the toddlers individually. Thanks Taylor!