This morning one of the political parties (UNITE) blocked the highway in both directions. The election results are still being disputed and yesterday the government announced that they will be forming a new committee to review the fraud allegations:

There is only one road in/out of Grand Goave so at the moment the town is at a stand still. We have a team scheduled to arrive in Port-au-Prince this afternoon so we will try to execute “Plan B”…. drive down the river bank and then cut through a garden by the ocean. If that doesn’t work Plan C is to have the team stay at a Guest House in PauP until the highway is cleared.

Here’s a picture of the blockage on the bridge – they hijacked a passing truck and punctured the tires so it can’t be moved… not as easy to clear as burning tires. “Moto tap-taps” were dropping people off near the truck and they walked around it… shortly after I took this picture they started throwing rocks at the passing people so the roads are quiet now. Another truck blocks the road in the other direction.