Here is the latest “batch”… their smiles and stories tell it all…

Emania & Fredo Oriental:

Emania and Fredo were living in Port-au-Prince with their parents before the earthquake – their house collapsed, killing their mother and amputating their father’s leg. Fredo was heard singing “Jesus Save Me” from under the rubble and was miraculously rescued! Emania was in the yard at the time of the earthquake and was not hurt. They were taken in by their Grandma following the earthquake but she was not able to care for them. They are both well behaved kids and very excited to be at H2H where they are able to play with the other kids!

Veloude (aka Viginie) Pierre:

Viginie was brought to H2H by Social Workers – she was living in a very abusive situation in Port-au-Prince after the earthquake. In the short time she has been with us she has learned so much – she loves school and enjoys helping in the kitchen.

Roobi Bruno:

Roobi was brought to H2H by his father as they are unable to find his mother and he wasn’t able to care for him by himself. He is behind in school – being 10 years old and starting grade 1 this year but he is very determined and will likely catch up quickly. Roobi is a true little boy and is never found without a toy car in his hand.

Wilbert Valme & Louisne Saint-Vil

These half-brothers are live wires! They came to H2H as their mother was injured in the earthquake and her leg was amputated… they were only with us a few days before they took over the place! They are hardly ever apart and neither of them see the use for wearing clothes – I had to give them candy to get them clothed for these pictures :)

Please think about becoming a sponsor for one of these kids – they were all very excited to learn about “sponsors” from the other kids.