We left for Bouva on Friday and had 2 mobile medical clinic there. We returned on Monday – dropped the medical team off in PauP and picked up the “Bruce & Stan Show”. Bruce & Stan are retired Teachers/Principals that are doing professional development with the H2H teachers. I’ll updated you on their trip shortly… here’s an update on the trip to Bouva…

The drive through PauP:

Bouva (my favorite place on earth!!):

Church building / aka Hospital:

Kitchen (this was a busy place as we fed all of Bouva for 2 days!):

Examining Rooms:

The Pharmacy:

The clinics were all day events:

Another house call:

Going home:

Those of you who have been following my blog since “the beginning” already know that Bouva has a special place in my heart… Pastor Luc was born & raised there, the church was built on the foundation of the old voodoo temple, many of our kids came from Bouva… and it seems that every trip there strengthens my connection.

This was the first medical team I have accompanied to Bouva (there was one last year but I couldn’t go with them) and it was such a blessing to the people – these people would not have gotten medical care if this team hadn’t gone. This is a town where it’s common not to name the babies until they’re 3 years old, as so many of them die before they reach their 3rd birthday.

Renel is from Bouva & his parents & younger brother still live there and this was the first time we’ve visited since our wedding. I have always felt welcomed in Bouva but it was different this time – now I was surrounded by family… parents, brothers, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles… it just kept going! It was truly an honor to go to Bouva with this team – they served the people as if they were serving their own family & friends.

The only downside of this trip was that I was sick with a viral infection that gave me an incredibly sore throat. I kept taking pain killers but continued to talk so it got worse everyday. The final clinic day was the worse and I didn’t think I was going to be able to get out of bed… let alone translate… but I realized a great perk of traveling with doctors & ER nurses… they bring drugs and they’re not afraid to use them! They “woke me up” with a fist full of T3’s and a shot in the bum. I was good to go… I saw more patients within a few hours than I had the previous day :)