I have malaria. I was fighting a fever all of last week (while the MEI teachers where here) but thought I was winning as I was doing all of the right things. But I woke up on Saturday morning feeling rough & it kept going downhill from there…spiking fevers that made me feel like I was being frozen alive in a freezer, headaches so severe I would throw up if I stood up…sometimes just sitting up. A local missionary couple heard I was sick & came to visit me Sunday night. They figured I had malaria so I started taking cloriquine. I was so much worse on Monday that they returned with a UN Doctor, whose visit didn’t last long as he made me sit up, displaying my vomiting talents to the whole room…not one of my shining moments. Tuesday I went to the local clinic to do some blood work & they immediately confirmed I had malaria & suspected I had typhoid fever too as I was so sick. As we were leaving the clinic I was so weak I couldn’t walk…I don’t remember how exactly it happened but I ended up sitting in the dirt under a tree & someone dumped a bucket of water over my head…making me feel better but also covering me in mud, which made my visit to the local hospital (for the typhoid test) slightly more embarrasing. Of course I made it worse by falling off the bed when the doctor was examining me. I just got the results this morning – I don’t have typhoid, which is great, but frustrating too as I finished the cloriquine Tuesday & I’m not considerably better yet.

I’m really trying to think of all the positive things that are happening here (like the amazing people that are trying so hard to make me comfortable) but being sick in here sucks. We’ve had little city power all week & until yesterday our generator wasn’t working so no fans, no cold water to drink, no water in the toilets/showers, ok I’ll stop there.

Please pray for a quick recovery as I’m suppose to take a very important road trip to Gonaives to takes pictures/videos of the Pastors distributing the rice & flour that was shipped here by the Vineyard church. We’re supposed to leave on Friday which only gives me 1 more day. The idea of going seems far from reality at the moment but it’s in God’s hand so all is possible.