I spent Sunday afternoon in the local hospital with 3 of our boys… Roodly, Eliazar & Ricardo. Their fevers were far less severe than Junior had but high enough to give us a scare. They got shots (which created some drama as Roodly passed out at the sight of the needle!) and they just had their final dose of meds this mornings & are doing much better!!

The hospital is not open on Sunday so when I walked into the emergency room the Cuban doctors started talking excited in Spanish and someone ran for a maternity doctor… they figured I was there to have my baby!! I don’t speak Spanish so when I finally realized what they were excited about I brought in the boys… the doctors were very disappointed :)

The start of malaria season is always unsettling but it has good timing this year… a medical team from Chilliwack arrives this afternoon & will be spending the next 2 weeks with us!