The second half of the trip went just as smoothly as the first half & I’m now in Grande Goave, Haiti. I got here in the early afternoon & I’ve spent most of my time playing with the kids. It feels like I never left here… I even fell up the stairs carrying my luggage… not just a little stumble either, I dropped everything & just barely saved my face from some unwanted cosmetic surgery! Maybe it’s the playing, or maybe it’s the time-change, but I’m exhausted. It will definitely be an early night tonight. Speaking of bedtime… I decided while I was home to make a quilt to bring back with me. I know what you must be thinking… you’ve been living in Haiti for the past 6 months, can’t you think of something more exciting to do? Don’t you have friends & family to visit? And, why would you need a quilt in Haiti anyways?!? All good points but in my defense, it really only took 1 day (although I only slept for a few hours that day) & I’ve had this “great idea” to quilt the Haitian flag since I first saw it. Anyways, in typical Larkin fashion, I ended up not just making the quilt, I outfitted the entire bed :) I don’t get much down time so I’m hoping by making my room a bit homier it will increase the quality of the down time I get.

It’s a new leaf – 2 blogs in 2 days!!! Don’t miss the one below :)