We have been without power for almost a month now and this afternoon they came to fix our transformer!!  I didn’t realize how much I missed having cold water & hot coffee… not to mention a fan and easy access to the internet!  Having no power has had it’s advantages though… Jelani has been sleeping well in the pitch dark & Hasannah has added “no power!” to her rapidly growing vocabulary.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s been going on here at H2H…
My parents, Larry & Dorothy, came to babyproof our place for Hasannah & Jelani… little did they know, we were without water (as well as power) so they were quickly put to work!
We had 2 other groups this month as well.  Bruce & Stan came to do some teacher evaluations & to  plan for their next teacher’s seminar (in July).  Albert & Dustin also came for a quick visit to start drafting the plans for the new church.   (B,S,A & D: any pictures to share?… apparently I was neglecting my camera while you were here!)
The 2nd floor of the school is advancing rapidly and they’re getting close to putting the roof on!

Garry, the principal of our school, and his wife Juline just welcomed a little girl into their family – Juniga Honorat.