The boys, & some hired help, are taking down the damaged buildings. It’s been a lot of work as they are doing it by hand (with hammers) so they can save some of the building materials.

Half of the top floor of the school has been removed:

And this is what is left of the guesthouse/kitchen building:

I also wanted to show you some updated pictures of Theo Joe:

Here he is with his mom:

Just today I received a link to a video posted on Facebook of Theo Joe’s birth:!/video/video.php?v=1272158457973&ref=mf

More good news…

One of our teachers, Jay Michel, and his wife had a baby girl, Ashlin, on March 3rd. They are living in the H2H compound with us & both mom & baby are doing great!


Ashlin with her cousin, Loona:

Their tarp shelter (right beside the school):

It has been a difficult few months but there are also lots good memories being stored away too :)