I definitely lost any immunity I had built up to the heat… Or it’s just hotter this time of the year… Because I am cooking! I’ve even heard a few people yell “rouge, rouge” instead of “blanc, blanc”.

It’s great to be back & I received a very warm welcome from all. I’ve spent most of my time visiting with the kids & friends in the Grande Goave so I don’t have a lot to report yet. Although there are 4 more new kids here since I left so it’s be fun getting to know them. There eyes were huge when I introduced myself & told them I’d be living with them for a year & one of the little boys, Kenny, has barely left my side since.

I am planning a “Tap-Tap Trip to Thomason” in a few weeks. I’ll be going there to visit Joyce & the others at GLA. I will be a long ride but I’m excited to see them & have a bit of an adventure. Don’t worry, I won’t be going alone… I’ll have a “body guard”. Speaking of that… I understood my first pick up line yesterday morning! Haha. I was walking from H2H (where I’m living) to Pastor Luc’s house in town (where I eat) and a guy took my hand as if I was in an old black & white movie… not down on one knee, but close… he said “Ou te passe nan tet mwen tout ye swa”. I won’t translate it for you but the kids are now taking shifts walking with me in the mornings :)

My friend Jay Michel is getting married next Saturday & it’s been interested seeing them prepare for the wedding. I’m used to seeing the girl stressed out with preparations but not here… the guys definitely get the short straw in this case. It’s customary for the guy to have a house built before he can marry & Jay Michel has been working around the clock to finish his house.

Albert, here’s your buddy Woods.

Here’s the product of my first “lesson” with the kids :) This is Louson… one of the newest kids here.

Jay Michel’s new house:

Building the new school:

Stanley & Lookens:

The new additions from Bouva: