I don’t have any pictures to share with you today as my camera is out of charge… but is being charged as I type. These past few days have been filled with a whirlwind of activity.

We have been visited by Doctor’s without Borders and they have supplied us with some blankets, soap, cooking utensils, etc.

We have been visited by the US Marines several times and they are working hard to help us meet our immediate needs – food & security. It is ironic how the Marines connected with us… I posted some pictures of the damaged roads on my blog and a Marine personnel emailed me to thank me. I was bold enough to “beg” for help and he did!! A group of US Marines arrived in our area looking for a white girl named Rebecca… luckily that description only applied to me :)

This morning I received a phone call from an NBC news team in PauP that wanted to come and do an interview with me. They received my contact information from a UN personnel in PauP that I spoke with earlier in the week. I’m not proud to admit it but I did more than just beg him to help us. I had been desperate to find food for the kids & had already been turned down by many sources and didn’t take kindly to the first Canadian Officer I saw when he said there was nothing he could do to help… he was stationed in PauP & on strict orders. After my outburst he took my contact information and said he’d try to pass it on to someone who could help… obviously he did and I wish I could apologize for some of my remarks. On the other hand, my determination paid off & maybe taught us both a lesson… either way, the news team visited us today and is doing a story on H2H that should be airing on NBC in the next few days.

Enorck’s wife is pregnant & due on February 2nd. Her last birth was a c-section so I’ve been scrambling to find a clinic that can do a c-section for her. I have found one and scheduled an appointment for next week.

I have been running on adrenaline since the first quake hit and the 2 days I spent in PauP really wiped me out… emotionally as well as physically. The first visit from the Marines left me a bit speechless and I stared at their military trucks as they drove away… it made me think of my Grandpa Pete. He was a Canadian Soldier and was burnt badly when his tank exploded. Despite his physical struggles he lived his life courageously and his zeal for life was contagious. He was always willing to help those in need and he could find humor any situation. He died shortly before I became involved in Haiti and I have often wondered what he would say to me if he knew what I was doing. As I watched the Marines drive away I was filled with a new source of strength and I am determined to follow my Grandpa Pete’s example to live my life with purpose… despite my circumstances… and I will tap into the joy & sense of humor that I inherited from him.

I also want you all to know how hard our H2H board is working in Canada to help us here in Haiti. I am in daily contact with them and they have made huge progress in planning to get containers of food & supplies to us. It will take a few weeks/months for the containers to arrive but God is being faithful in supplying for our daily needs and has blessed us with contacts that will tide us over until the containers start arriving. Please continue to pray for their fundraising efforts.

Good night!