I need to say very little in this blog as the pictures will speak for themselves!!! H2H sponsors donated extra money this month to help make the holiday season special for the kids who live at H2H and the kids who attend our school. The festivities took place on December 24th… which is usually a dreaded day for the school kids as it’s report card day!!!! After a huge shopping trip in Port-au-Prince the H2H kids packed 400 Christmas presents for the students. The little elves were rewarded for their work with a Christmas dinner that made Santa himself proud!!! There was a double reward for some of them as they are students as well :) Luckily we had a team here visiting because we needed all the hands we could find!

Preparing the gift bags:

Giving out the gift bags & report cards:

Christmas Dinner with the kids at H2H:

The little guy hiding behind the Coke is Mackenson. He came to H2H this summer from a small village nearby and has already become a loved little brother to all the older boys… there’s just something about a little boy who is willing to do anything on command… dishes, laundry, dancing, push ups… all with this smile on his face! After he finished eating dinner he came and sat with me. Our conversation went like this…

I asked him, “Are you full?” … “Yup!”

“Do you want to eat some of mine?” … “Yup!”

“Are you going to throw up?” … “Maybe!”

Again… all with this smile on his face :)

(I’m going to plug our sponsorship program here… Mackenson still needs a sponsor, any takers?)

A special thank you from Renel & I for all your Christmas wishes. For the most part we celebrated Christmas “Haitian Style” but I made him wake up early to open stockings… a taste of the Larkinn Christmas :)